Friday, July 25, 2008

Tati's Introduction

We are excited to be starting this blog. My mother homeschooled all of her five children. Three of her daughters are now homeschooling. We each will share some of our ideas, suggestions and lessons learned when we have the time to do so. I will go by Mamacita since I will be homeschooling bilingually.

I am a mother of three little girls, A will be 4 in August, T just turned 2 and L is just 2 months old. I know it seems a little young to start homeschooling, but I feel like what I do with them each day is homeschooling. It will develop into more as they get older. I have a Bachelor's in Elementary Education and a Spanish minor. I took all my classes knowing that I wanted to stay at home and homeschool my children.

I am going to try a new twist with my homeschooling and homeschool bilingually. Both my husband and I are fluent in Spanish. We speak Spanish strictly 3 days a week at home. It has been fun to see our children really learn to communicate in another language. I hope others who are doing the same thing, considering homeschooling bilingually or just teaching their children another language will give me suggestions and ideas.