Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thrift Store Books!

I just wanted to share an idea for those of you who have never browsed the children's books section of a thrift store. It is a gold mine! Usually the prices are 65 cents a book. There are books that smell and look brand new. I found an Abeka 4 math book for 33 cents that has one page used. They have many picture books from well-known, award winning authors.

Thrift stores are wonderful for finding foreign language books, especially Spanish. I have bought at least a dozen great picture books in Spanish. First thousand words or first hundred words books are pretty common and a great way to build vocabulary with your kids. On Labor Day, my best purchase was a Spanish textbook (completely in Spanish, no English) with stories by great authors along with questions and activities for 33 cents. I am planning on using this when my kids are probably in 3rd or 4th grade. I even found a fun children's book in French. Try it, I know you will find some great books!

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Karen said...

I agree. I just went to our library book sale yesterday and came home with a good variety of books for myself and the boys. :)