Sunday, March 1, 2009

Free Short i Book and Short o Book

The order we like to teach our kids short vowel words as far as vowels go is:
short a

short o

short i

short u

short e

My mom likes to teach the short e last because it is so similar to the short a and short i sounds. There are also not that many short e words.

Here are the mini books I made. One uses only short i words and the other has both short i words and short o words. Again, fold them like a greeting card. The big pig has two greeting cards with one stuck in the middle. It starts with A Pig. I hope that makes sense. Enjoy!

The Dog Bit

The Big Pig
This is page one that is folded like a greeting card. It is the front and back cover.

This is page 2 that is folded and put inside page 1.

If you download these, please leave us a comment. If we get some response, we can post more.


Clemencia said...

wow! these are awesome! I'll be using your printables when we get to those letters with my little one, thanks :)

Hadley said...

I love this! I just found your blog today, and I'll be following to get all your great tips!