Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Letter Cards

We have had a request for the rest of the letter cards so here they are:

For E- Short e sound, "e" eggs, breaking an egg
and making a yucky face
For F- Fan fluttering "f, f, f" make a fan with your
hand and make the sound f sounds like a breeze
For G- Gulping gophers "g, g, g" like you are gulping
For H- Hounds hurry "h, h, h" like a dog panting

For M- monkeys munching, "m, m, m" like it tastes
m, m, good
For N- noisy noses "n, n, n" make a nasal sound and
touch nose
For I- icky, icky insects, "i, i, i" slap the insects as you say "i, i, i"
For J- Jenny jumps (can be any name) have the kids jump and say "j, j, j"

For S- "s, s, s" Snakes hiss, make snake slithering with arm
For T- timers ticking "t, t, t"move hands back and forth like a grandfather clock ticking.
For Q- Quack, quack "q, q, q" make duck beak with hands
For R- robots running "act like a robot moving your hands and making the r sound "r, r, r"
For u- "u, u, up umbrella", pretend like you are opening up an umbrella
For v- Vinny the Vaccum, pretend vaccuming the floor while saying "v, v" like a vaccum sounds
For w- washer washing, "w, w, w" make your hands twist back and forth like a washing goes round and round.
For x- x-ray, make "ks" sound as you pretend to make an x-ray
For c- cameras clicking "c, c, c" taking pretend pictures
For d- dinosaurs dancing, "d, d, d" making a little song with the sound and dancing silly.

I will try to post videos of the girls doing the movements if it is confusing.

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heather said...

THank you so much! I started to make these letters on my own but couldn't find the right picture to help my child remember the sound. I know that these will do the job, he already remembers the previous letters you have posted.