Sunday, November 16, 2008

Picture Cards for A, O, P and L

Here are the cards for the letters my daughter explained about in the prior post. You can print fronts and backs.

I like to teach the lower case letters first because that is what we see most.

The hard ones are the d, b, p and q. I have learned that putting a small capital B in the corner so they can look if they don't remember. I teach them so young that they can't tell the difference. As they mature and learn right from left they will eventually be able to distinguish. Don't ever pressure them to tell the difference, just say "Oh, this one has the circle part first so it must be the d." or "Look the line is first so it must be a b." When they start reading words I still have to prompt them by saying a quiet b or d sound when I show them a word, or have a capital B or D on the card.

Teaching the children the letters this way is so much fun and they can learn all the letters before their 3rd birthday. This is actually the easiest time to teach them. They just think this is a game you are playing.


heather said...

These are amazing. I stumblesd upon your blog and have been wondering how to teach my 2 1/2 year old these sounds. I also teach my children spanish at home. I graduated from BYU in Elementary Education and am thinking about homeschooling my kids.
I just had a quick question, is Tati short for Tatiana? If so I think we went to BYU together. Hopefully you remember me.
Heather (melgar)

heather said...

Hi again! I was wondering if you could post the rest of the letters and pictures that you use. If not, I could just make some, but I really love what you have done.