Monday, November 10, 2008

Letter Sounds for P, L, A, O

Why do we teach our kids letter sounds instead of letter names? Letter names are important, but we want our kids to first think of the letter sound when they see a letter to prepare them for reading. Letter names come naturally after that!

Here are the videos I said would be done about a week ago :) Here are four letter sounds. I will put the cards we use for them here, too.

Letter P- Popcorn popping and make your hand pop open or pretend like you are a popcorn popping!

Letter L- Licking Lollipops. Make a lollipop with your hand and pretend to lick it while making the sound.

Letter O (short o sound)- singing ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, opera,. Put your hands in opera pose (you can even make an o shape with both hands) while singing and pretending to be an opera singer.

Letter A (short a sound)- a, a, a, ants! Pretned like an ant is crawling on you and say, "a, a, a" You can do it to them and they can do it to themselves. Lots of tickles, lots of fun!
Okay, so I have the flash cards and they are word documents. Does anyone know how to convert Word documents into .jpgs? Or is there an easier way to post a file for people to download? They are cute, so if you want them, I need some help. Thanks for the help!

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